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Vastu Tips that are easy to follow

Wall Paintings

In vastu, wall paintings are a powerful tool.  Each painting conveys an emotion and has certain elements representing it. Its placement is decided accordingly. For example, a village scene is a powerful vastu remedy to get your own house. Since it represents gain, it ideally should be placed on a western wall in the house. Similarly, a painting with greenery is related to the air element and represents growth. So, it can be placed in north, the vastu zone of new opportunities.

Dressing Table

Placement of your dressing table in a right direction can help in improving your relationships. Dressing table should be placed adjacent to the bedroom but avoid placing it on the southern wall in the south-west zone. Because then it will increase expectations from spouse, which will create problems in a relationship. Ideally, placement of the dressing table should be decided keeping in mind the effect of mirror in vastu.

Idol or Painting of Buddha

If you have a collection of beautiful art figures then placing them in an appropriate direction can lead to many benefits for you and your family. Like, if you have a figure of Lord Buddha, place it in the north-east vastu zone of your home. According to Directions of Alchemy, the north-east zone is responsible for connectivity. When you place a symbol of Lord Buddha, it sends a message to your house that you want to get connected with your higher self. Accordingly, the space energies start programming your subconscious mind and you feel connected. This connectivity in turn facilitates new ideas, creativity and clarity of your mind.

Wind chimes

Wind chimes can be placed in north, north-west and west vastu zones of a home. In north, you can place a wind chime made up of five rods; this will attract new opportunities in your career. In north-west, use six rod chimes to motivate your supporters to work towards your gains and benefits. Similarly, a seven rod wind chime in west brings overall gains for you. Aquarium With people opting for all types of home automation systems to enhance the look of their house, an aquarium can be a refreshing and entertaining addition. An aquarium provides tranquilizing elements in a world filled with stress. However, if not kept in an appropriate place, it can become the cause of stress. An aquarium should be kept in east of south east direction. It will control excessive thinking and can negate stress to an extent.

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