About Us

About Us

Women have started becoming more and more active in professions that were once dominated totally by men. One such profession is being a real estate agent, and you can find a huge number of female real estate agents out there at present.

Especially in India where, buying real estate was always a men’s job until recent times but, as women are taking over in each field of life, real estate is no exception. Having said that it is still not very convenient or sometimes comfortable for female investors to indulge in money talks with men and to understand the super technical jargon used by male agents, that’s why we came up with an idea to start a real estate portal featuring top class properties handpicked by expert female agents for female investors looking for a hassle free property buying experience.

The name “Lady Hive” – As the honey bees work constantly to acquire honey for their clan similarly, women work very hard to keep their homes healthy, sound and create wealth as well, within the limited resources they have. That’s lady hive for you.

At Lady Hive you can register as a buyer, seller or a service provider and we promise only genuine female realty professionals shall be catering your needs.

Lady Hive, strongly believes that lady is the center of any household and very intelligent when it comes to investing and saving for better times. That’s why it’s our small initiative to provide a great investment and real estate deals to the mainstay of our society.